It’s the role of the staff at our production plants and of the technological development units to provide drugs to patients that can be used over a longer period of time with peace of mind. We have drawn up standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP), which meet local as well as globally accepted quality standards. These rigorous quality control standards cover not only the production ,equipment and processes employed, but also methods of raw material procurement and storage, staff training and logistics services including delivery. At the same time, through the use of advanced factory automation system and computerized production control systems, we have constructed a system of manufacturing that effectively balances the twin requirements of low cost and high quality.

At Genome production facilities, we work constantly to ensure the uninterrupted supply of safe drugs to those who need them.

Research and Development are always performed to develop the formulation of new molecule products.validation is an-on going exercise to the integrity and correctness of all quality control SOPS and manufacturing Process. Genome Pharma also provide the Training of all members of the Production, QA. Engineering and ware house staff are a regular GMP Training as per requirement of WHO cGMP.